Building your pitch deck

What slides do investors expect you to have, and what details should you include?

Written by Andrew Cove

Pitch decks are a standard part of the fundraising process. Your pitch deck is one of the ways to communicate to investors how you are building a big, valuable business.

What should I include in my pitch deck?

The primary purpose of your pitch deck is to make an investor want to meet you. To do that, your deck needs to show that your business has the potential to grow quickly, based on the strength of your product, the caliber of your team, and the market demand.

The presentation below is a primer on building a pitch deck. You'll learn the key questions you need to answer, what topics to include and what to avoid, and how to make your deck stand out to investors. You'll also find tips on how much money to raise and how to turn your slides into a cohesive narrative.

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Building Your Pitch Deck -

Before you send your deck to investors, it's a good idea to have someone familiar with what investors look for give you feedback. If you know a founder who has successfully raised money, ask them to take a look. Investors will give you feedback, but you may not want to show them your pitch before it's ready.

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