Introduction to Fundraising

How to raise capital to test a hypothesis, grow your business, and achieve your goals.

Written by Andrew Cove

Knowing investors' motivations and what they look for, and familiarizing yourself with the typical fundraising process, will increase your likelihood of successfully raising money.

How does fundraising work?

Startups raise money from investors to prove a hypothesis or grow the business. Investors are looking for companies that will 10x, 100x, or 1000x their investment.

The presentation below provides a brief overview of why startups fundraise, why investors invest, and the typical process for pitching investors and raising a financing round.

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Building Your Pitch Deck -

Once you've been introduced to an investor, the investor will likely ask to see your pitch deck. A good deck will convince the investor to meet with you to learn more about your company.

See our primer on Building your pitch deck.

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